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School television

As part of the wellbeing program at Epping Heights Public School, we are trialling a new initiative called school television (school TV). This resource is a website that aims to help parents address, identify and discuss wellbeing related issues early with their children, hopefully leading to prevention.

Through school TV parents can receive information of varying topics from the leading experts. The website includes videos with experts in the field, quizzes, articles, fact sheets and question and answer interviews. There are a range of topics around health and wellbeing issues. Although these issues may not impact on primary school aged children, it is good to be aware of signs and symptoms should these issues arise in the future.

Topics include anxiety, cyberbullying, digital reputation and much more. School TV can be accessed by visiting the website.

Special editions

Please visit the following websites to view school TV's special editions that may impact your child's wellbeing.