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Our wonderful library

Epping Heights Public School Library is central to the school’s teaching and learning program. Thanks in part to very generous donations from parents through our Library DGR fund, we have a comprehensive collection of resources (print, multi-media and electronic) for students and teachers. Our large non-fiction collection complements the School’s curriculum while its fiction collection, with our strong focus on quality literature, works to increase students' literacy skills.

It is essential for students to develop skills in using information as part of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning. In our library, we explicitly teach information skills to support class units of work and cross curriculum priorities, such as literacy and integrating ICT. A guided inquiry approach, and reference to other information process models, further enrich the development of information literacy skills.

Our Mission

To enable students to become lifelong learners and readers, as well as both effective and ethical information users. The library is focussed on student learning outcomes. To achieve this mission, library staff will work in partnership with the leadership team and teachers to:

  • foster the value of reading for pleasure and the appreciation and enjoyment of literature.
  • develop students’ information literacy skills through guided inquiry, using the NSW Syllabus.
  • provide access to current, high quality information resources and literature in a variety of formats, that supports the Australian curriculum, school priorities, student needs, abilities and interests.
  • provide accessible services to assist both students and teachers in easily and independently accessing resources and information.

Library DGR Fund

The Library DGR Fund (also known as deductible gift recipient) was established to provide a comprehensive collection of quality resources (print, multi-media and electronic) for our schools’ teaching and learning programs. Donations made towards these funds are tax deductible (given particular criteria) and are used for a particular purpose according to the guidelines for DGR funds and the constitutions for each individual fund. Donors providing gifts to a school DGR will be issued with a receipt for their tax deductible gift and should retain this receipt in their records for taxation purposes.

Criteria for donations to be tax deductible:

  • Donation must be over $2 (money)
  • Donation must state that it is for the purpose of the specific DGR Fund
  • Gift is made voluntarily
  • Donor does not receive any material benefit in return for the gift

Donations to the Library DGR fund can be made through our semester invoice payment or by directly contacting the school.


Students may borrow a book for 1 – 2 weeks. Please ensure that you send your child to school with a library bag or a tough plastic bag to protect these books.

Kindergarten may borrow 1 book a week.

Year 1 may borrow 2 books a week.

Years 2 - 4 may borrow 3 books a week.

Years 5 and 6 may borrow 4 books a week. Year 6 may now borrow from the Year 6 only (Young Adult) section of our library.

If a student has 1 overdue book, he/she may borrow 1 book. However, if a student has more than 1 overdue book, he/she may not borrow until some books are returned.


Students are encouraged to return books in a timely manner. If a child has one overdue book, they may borrow one additional book until the overdue book is returned, replaced or paid for. At the end of each term, the Teacher Librarian will run an overdue report in the computer to see the students who still have overdue books. These students will receive an over due notice.

Book Week

Book week is held in Term 3 of each year. It’s a time to celebrate reading, authors, literature and writing. Will hold a book parade bi-annually on the even years.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Epping Heights Public School is proud to undertake the Premier’s Reading Challenge every year. For more information, please visit the Premier’s Reading Challenge website.

World Book Online

At Epping Heights Public School world book resources are available for student use at home and school.

Please visit the World Book website https://worldbookonline.com/wb/Login?ed=wb if your child wishes to use them.

Tumble Book Library

Tumble Book Library is a collection of animated, talking picture books with fiction, non-fiction and some foreign language titles. Visit the Tumble Book Library website https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f to start reading.