Epping Heights Public School

Success for All

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About our school

Epping Heights Public School vision

Our school is committed to the pursuit of excellence and the provision of high quality educational opportunities for every child in a caring environment. Through quality teaching of strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy and a balanced curriculum, we prepare our students with personal resources for success and wellbeing for a changing world. In partnership with our community we share the vision for growth in our school, for every student, every teacher, every leader, every year. We value excellence in learning, teaching and leading to ensure success for all.

Epping Heights Public School context

Epping Heights Public School is located in Sydney’s northwest. With increasing enrolments (2018– 508 students including 73% from language backgrounds other than English) the school is steadily growing. Respected for our care and sense of community, we are the school of choice in our local area. We are committed to ensuring our school remains a warm and friendly place where success for all is our main focus.

Quality Literacy and Numeracy programs are our core business. Students learn resilience, critical and creative thinking and wellbeing skills to empower them for their future. Students demonstrate excellence in learning through both internal and external assessments. They benefit from a well–balanced educational program including opportunities in extra curricular activities such as bands, dance, drama and sports.

Dedicated teachers nurture, guide, inspire and challenge students. They demonstrate personal responsibility for improving their teaching practice in order to improve student learning. They communicate effectively with parents to benefit students.

School leaders have a commitment to fostering a school–wide culture of high expectations and a shared sense of responsibility for student engagement, learning, development and success. They regularly evaluate practice based on evidence and work strategically to ensure school excellence.

Children benefit from the school’s planned and proactive engagement with parents and the broader community. Our parents and P & C are highly supportive of the school and run many inclusive events.